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Daily Shampoo

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  • Soothes irritated, red, and itchy scalp

  • Strengthens the roots

  • Reduces hair falling

Some of the signs of aging include thinning hair, slowing rate of growth, dry and brittle hair. So the shampoo that you use shouldn't dry out and irritate your scalp. Instead, it should gently cleanse your scalp and give nutrients for hair growth. 

But conventional chemical shampoos have sulfate - chemicals to create foam - which would overdry and damage your scalp. 

Our Daily Shampoo does not have chemical sulfate or chemical preservatives. 

So it doesn't irritate the scalp while gently cleansing it. It contains scientifically-advanced Trichogen (Panax Ginseng Root Extract complex) that makes your hair stronger, improves scalp condition and stimulates hair growth. Biotin produces keratin, increases hair elasticity and thickness, and protects hair from becoming brittle.




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Daily Shampoo
Daily Shampoo Sale price$29.99

perfect for

thinning hair

Trichogen improves scalp condition while Biotin produces keratin, increases hair elasticity and thickness.

irritated, itchy scalp

Sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate gently cleanses scalp while minimizing irritation and itchiness.

non-hormonal hair loss

Science-backed, patented technology Trichogen minimizes hair falling.

for all hair types

Can be used by all hair types. For oily scalp, we recommend washing twice a day, morning and night.


Based on clinical trial conducted on 40 male volunteers for 4 months (source: BASF SE)