THE Founder

dr. Louie Kim

30+ years in the industry

Dr. Louie Kim is a cosmetic chemist of 30+ years - almost 40 years now! - who has dedicated himself to creating safe and effective personal care products for his clients.

He has earned Ph.D. in cosmetic engineering.

Revitalizing All-in-One Essence Series


He began his career developing safe baby products for a prominent pharmaceutical company. His successful baby product formulas helped solidify his career in the field of cosmetic formulation.

Throughout his career, he created effective and innovative personal care formulas, including anti-rosacea, anti-psoriasis, anti-eczema treatments, dandruff shampoos, baby shampoos and diaper rash creams, and antiperspirants.


His notable achievement is in the creation of self-preservation system that relies on the synergy of highly-concentrated ingredients to inhibit bacterial activities. His work culminated in 4 patents.

-KP10007145700: Self-preservative system for baby products
* This was the beginning of his quest for self-preserving system.

- KP100112139000: Edible vegetable wash employing self-preservation system

- US2005/008948: Self-preserving deodorant stick

- US2006/025734: Self preservation system