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Ingredient selection criteria

what clean ingredient means to us

We at DrLOUIE have always believed in and placed utmost important on the skin’s natural ability to heal. And to that end, our goal is to help the skin by using skin-friendly, safe ingredients that BOOST the skin’s natural ability to heal and in delaying the signs of aging without the use of aggressive ingredients.

Any ingredients that are considered effective but dangerous for the skin may work to delay signs of aging in a short period of time, but they can compromise the health of our skin in the long run.

criteria 1

safety of ingredients

In our definition, harmful ingredients mean those that can be considered as endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, or cause skin problems, such as skin irritation, clogged pores, etc. Some of these include commonly used SLS/SLES, PEG, silicone-based ingredients, ethanol alcohol-based ingredients, EDTA, colours, paraben, etc. And this not only means not including these ingredients in our products but also not choosing ingredients that are made using these ingredients.

criteria 2

data-driven effectiveness

As an anti-aging research lab, for us, data is crucial. No matter how trendy an ingredient is, if it hasn’t been tested and research time and again for its safety and effectiveness, and if the effectiveness of an ingredient hasn’t been rigorously investigated and researched, then we don’t consider it for our products. That’s why you won’t find a “trendy” ingredient that everyone’s talking about in our products. 

And when we say “rigorously investigated and researched,” we are talking about how much data is out there to prove the ingredient’s safety and effectiveness.

criteria 3

compatibility of ingredients

An active ingredient may be strong and effective on its o`wn, but when used with an ingredient that works against it, it could wreak havoc on our skin. (Read our blog on ingredients that should not be mixed and matched.)

Some examples of these would be Vitamin C with retinol. On their own, they are excellent anti-aging ingredients. But when used together, they’ll cause skin irritation and redness. So when we choose ingredients, we make sure that active ingredients and non-active ingredients work together to create a synergy for the skin, not work against it.