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science behind drlouie products

self-preservation system

at the beginning

Dr. Louie Kim's journey to developing the innovative self-preservation system began a long time ago when he was working at a pharmaceutical company, developing a unique preservation system to replace the preservatives used in baby powders.

He found that alpha-bisabolol enhances anti-bacterial activities of any preservative-like ingredients.

Under the company's name, he patented this new preservative system (KP1000714570000).

That was how the long journey to self-preservation system began.


A couple of years later, he was able to further his research on the self-preservation system, with a formula for a vegetable wash (KP1001121390000), made entirely of edible ingredients.

He even drank a cup of this vegetable wash to prove its edibility!

He continued to create formula for different personal care products, including a deodorant, employing this self-preservation system (US2005/0089488).

PATENT & New beginning

His efforts finally paid off with his self-preservation finalized (US2006/0257347) and patented.

When he started his own brand, DrLOUIE, he employed an advanced version of this system to adjust water activity and use the synergy of ingredients with preservative functions and bisabolol to inhibit microbial growth.

As a result, our products can be free of chemical preservatives, which can irritate the skin, while keeping them fresh and active.