A Gift for the Loved One

DrLOUIE was born out of a great love story. 

The founder Dr. Louie Kim was simply concerned about his wife losing confidence in herself as her skin began to age. 

With 30 years of experience in skin and personal care products, Dr. Kim decided to use his knowledge of formulation and ingredients to make a simple but effective anti-aging product that his wife can use for a long time, without any side effects. 

That was the humble, beautiful beginning of DrLOUIE Skin and Hair Care.


Anti-aging Skincare lab

Since our brand was launched in 2005, our lab has been dedicated to finding ways to help delay skin aging. Since our launch, DrLOUIE has not only helped the wife of the founder, Dr. Louie Kim, but also many others concerned with skin aging, whether in their 30s or 70s, feel confident in their skin. 

That is why our focus is not to formulate a product that would show results at the expense of the customer’s skin, but rather to create a product that we can proudly recommend to our family: a product that can help delay skin aging for a long time without side effects.

And all of our products are produced in-house at our own lab by Dr. Kim and his dedicated team, ensuring highest quality in every batch.


Skin-Friendly formula & ingredients

DrLOUIE products ensure that the skin’s ability to heal itself is maximized while maintaining its natural moisture barrier so that the skin can return to its healthy state. 

We carefully selected active ingredients that are safe yet potent, which come together to create a synergy. 

And based on this interaction of ingredients, we created a safe, innovative preservation system that does not disrupt our skin’s barrier, called Self-Preservation System. 

Self-preservation system


30+ yrs in Skincare industry

Dr. Kim has more than 30 years of experience in formulating skin, body, and haircare products. 

He’s worked with both established skincare companies as well as smaller startups, creating unique formulas for anti-rosacea creams to dandruff shampoos and a number of baby products.

About the Founder