[Talking about Ingredients] What are Fomes Officinalis Extracts?

In the previous posting, I explored what makes EmblicaTM so unique and potent as an antioxidant and how it differs from others. In today’s posting, I am going to delve into one of the other key active ingredients used in DrLOUIE products, Laricyl® LS8865, also known as Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom) Extracts. 

In essence, Laricyl® LS8865 is a concentrated active extracted from the pulp of Fomes Officinalis, a type of mushroom that grows on the bark of larch trees found in eastern Europe. In the old French Pharmacopeia, Fomes Officinalis extracts were known and were used as an elixir for longevity. And there have been studies that proved its anti-aging health benefits. 

In today’s cosmetic world, Fomes Officinalis extracts are used as a potent astringent.

But before going into the benefits of Laricyl® LS8865, let me give you a general definition of the term astringent. 

Generally speaking, an astringent is used to shrink body tissues. On our skin, it works to tighten the pores and remove any excessive oil. So it is mostly the people with acne and oily skin issues who are recommended to use astringents. Those with dry skin would not usually use them because they tend to dry out the skin by removing oil on the skin.

Fomes Officinalis extract is similar to other astringents in that its main objective is to tighten pores. In fact, Laricyl® LS8865’s concentrated active component, Fomes Officinalis extracts, makes it a potent astringent and pore tightener. According to efficacy tests of the ingredient, when 3% of this ingredient is included in the formula for a skincare product, as in our All-in-One Essence Light, it would result in up to 54% reduction in pore sizes. 

[Source: Efficacy tests by Laboratoires Serobiologiques]

In addition to this powerful pore tightening benefit, what sets Laricyl® LS8865 apart from other astringents is that it does not dry out the skin. In fact, it moisturizes the outer layer of our skin that forms a protective barrier, making the skin softer and more supple. 

As a dedicated anti-aging research lab, we are always looking for potent, yet mild multifunctional age-defying ingredients that can simplify, yet bring out the maximum synergy of the ingredients. Astringent is an important part of keeping our skin looking youthful. But as mentioned earlier, they tend to dry out the skin. So it was important for us to find an ingredient that would prevent and improve skin sagginess by tightening pores while NOT drying out the skin since keeping skin well hydrated and moisturized is the first step to anti-aging skin care. That ingredient was Laricyl® LS8865. Its dual benefits as both an astringent and a moisturizer are the reason that it is one of the key ingredients in our products and is the most important active ingredient for our All-in-One Essence Light.

Products with Laricyl® LS8865:

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For dry skin           For combination skin       For combination/oily skin


Skin Firming Concentrate           Hair Essence

DrLOUIE products ensure that the skin’s ability to heal itself is maximized while maintaining its natural moisture barrier so that the skin can return to its healthy state.