How to do a scalp massage to minimize hair loss

There are many reasons for thinning hair and hair loss: menopause, diet, stress, disease, genetics, medication, vitamin deficiency, etc. Hair loss caused by genetics and medication cannot be prevented. But we can make sure that our scalp gets enough “food” by stimulating blood circulation to our head and scalp. And the best way to stimulate blood circulation is scalp massage. 

Scalp massages, if done correctly, will promote blood flow to the scalp, allowing the nutrients to reach all the way to the top of our head, which will help prevent thinning hair and add more volume.

In today’s post, we’re going to look at how we can massage our scalp to prevent further hair loss and thinning hair.

But make sure you’re NOT using your fingernails to massage your scalp. You wouldn’t do that to your skin, so why would you do it to your scalp!? And make sure you wash your hands before doing the massage so that you can massage with clean fingers. 

This scalp massage can be done before washing your hair. You can also do this after you’ve shampooed and nourished your scalp with our Hair Essence

Scalp Massage To Delay Hair Loss

1. Massage the back of your neck. You’ll find two spots right below the skull where there’s a depression. Gently massage that area in a circular motion. Some of you may be wondering why we’re talking about the back of the neck when we’re doing a scalp massage. That is because an acupuncture pressure point to stimulate blood flow to the scalp is at the back of your neck.  

2. Gently massage the temple area in a circular motion. Use 4 fingers to gently massage up to the very top of your head. Make sure you’re NOT rubbing the hair as it could irritate the scalp. 

3. Use your knuckle to gently massage the top of your head. You could also massage the surrounding area as well. 

4. Use 4 fingers you used before to massage inwards from the back of your ears towards the centre line of the skull. When we say back of your ears, we mean the bone behind your ears. When your left and right fingers meet, massage upwards toward the top of your head. You could also use your thumbs to give more thorough massage of the back of your ears.

5. Using your thumb, massage upwards from the back of your ears along hair line.

And you’re done with scalp massage. 

Now that you’re done with the scalp massage, it’s time to properly shampoo.

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