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How to Create Foam with Mild Face Cleanser


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Over the past year, I’ve received many texts, asking and commenting about how it’s difficult to lather our Mild Face Cleanser. 

Having too much foam is not good because the cleanser might have used a harsh soaping agent to create that foam, which could strip and irritate the skin. (Read why it's good to use low-foam cleanser.)

But resorting to low or no-foam makes it feel like you’re not cleansing thoroughly and difficult to massage into face. 

Mild Face Cleanser uses a non-ionic surfactant used for foaming, cleansing, and conditioning the skin, called Coco-glucoside. And it’s 100% plant-derived, biodegradable, GMO-free and contains no parabens or phthalates that could irritate the skin. 

It is so mild that it is even used in baby products. (YES! Mild Face Cleanser can be used on baby skin as well! In fact, my 3 year old has been using it as her all-in-one shampoo and body wash!)

But it is hard to create foam with Mild Face Cleanser because it is a low-foam product. 

So in today’s posting, I’m going to share a tip I use and I have shared to make it easier to create foam with our Mild Face Cleanser!


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Karen R.

Mild Face Cleanser

This cleanser does not make my face feel stripped of moisture after using it. It also does not suds up which I like. If I get any in my eyes it does not sting.

My face does feel clean afterwards.


Lindsay T.

Hard to get used to, but love it!

I've never tried these low-soap cleansers, so it was difficult to get used to. But the customer service told me to lather with a soap mesh, and it's been amazing! It lathers well with a soap mesh AND it doesn't feel dry! But just because it doesn't feel dry, it doesn't mean it doesn't clean well because it does! Amazing product for sure.


Julie H.

Great facial cleanser

This is just the best face cleanser I have used. I have tried high end cleansers that do not work for my skin. This cleans the skin without stripping it. Fantastic product

Thank you!


Rosemary T.

Another great product by Dr. Louie

I purchased a mini kit and ended up buying the full bottle because I loved it so much. I have sensitive, irritated skin, and this helps to calm that. Can't wait to try other products too!