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Everything you wanted to know about All-in-One Essence series


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Some of us may already be using our bestselling, 2021 Clean Beauty Award finalist All-in-One Essence, and some of you have yet to try it. 

Whether you are an existing user or not, we thought that it would be helpful to compile a list of questions that we received through email, Instagram, Facebook, and offline stores and answer those questions. 

We hope these help you learn more about the product.

1. What is All-in-One Essence?

All-in-One Essence is a multi-tasking, 3-in-1 essence, which replaces everyday toner, serum, and a moisturizer (lotion or cream) in one simple step.

It takes care of signs of aging, such as dry skin, fine lines, dull skin tone, and enlarged pores, hence the name, All-in-One Essence.






2. Why was All-in-One Essence created? ?

Formulated for busy moms with children wanting attention 24/7, career women with little time to spend taking care of their skin, or retirees enjoying a beautiful day out in the sun, All-in-One Essence addresses the common concerns that people with mature skin have without having to use 5-10 different anti-aging products.

Furthermore, it is specifically formulated so that there is no need to separately apply toner, serum, and moisturizer, hence the name "All-in-One."

It is a perfect solution for those looking for a luxurious yet minimal anti-aging skincare routine that only takes one step to healthy, glowing skin.

3. Benefits of All-in-One Essence

Anti-aging skincare routines often consist of 4 to 8 different steps that address different concerns of mature, aging skin: dryness, lack of firmness, age spots, dull skin tone, and enlarged pores to name a few.

But layering too many products can be suffocating for the skin as there is a limited amount of nutrients that the skin can absorb. This can lead to products clumping and clogging pores, causing skin troubles. And sometimes, active ingredients that should not be used together can be layered on the skin, irritating the skin. (For example, retinol and Vitamin C)

With All-in-One, you don’t have to use many skincare products, and you can still enjoy the benefits of highly-moisturizing and highly functional anti-aging products with just one bottle.

Key ingredients

All-in-One Essence is a multivitamin essence with Vitamins C, E, B2, B5, and hyaluronic acid, which are necessary for healthy-looking skin.

EmblicaTM (Vitamin C)

200x concentrated Indian Gooseberries (Amla), which have been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years for various ailments (very potent antioxidants)

Stimulates production of collagen by 50%

Increases production of hyaluronic acid

Protects the skin from free radical damage, one of the leading causes of skin aging

Organic Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil (Vitamin E)

Double the amount of antioxidants to fight free radicals when used with Vitamin C (EmblicaTM)

Repair and moisturize the damaged skin

Replenish skin's natural protective barrier

Non-pore clogging

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Reduces redness and itchiness

Helps the skin defend itself against external stress

Mushroom Extracts (Vitamin B2)

Tighten pores

Reduce inflammation

Hyaluronic Acid

Retains moisture in the skin

Strengthens skin's natural moisture barrier

Hydrates and makes the skin feel supple

4. Self-preservative system and how does it benefit my skin?

We use a unique and innovative preservative system called self-preservation system, patented by Dr. Louie Kim, the founder of DrLOUIE.

Dr. Kim's journey to developing the innovative self-preservation system began a long time ago when he was working at a pharmaceutical company, developing a unique preservation system to replace the preservatives used in baby powders. He found that alpha-bisabolol enhances the anti-bacterial activities of any preservative-like ingredients. Under the company's name, he patented this new preservative system (KP1000714570000). That was how the long journey to the self-preservation system began.

A couple of years later, he was able to further his research on the self-preservation system, with a formula for a vegetable wash(KP1001121390000), made entirely of edible ingredients. (It is even said that he drank a cup of this vegetable wash to prove its credibility!)

He continued to create formulas for different personal care products, including a deodorant, employing this self-preservation system (US2005/0089488).

His efforts finally paid off with his self-preservation finalized (US2006/0257347) and patented.

When he started his own brand, DrLOUIE, he employed an advanced version of this system to adjust water activity and use the synergy of ingredients with preservative functions and bisabolol to inhibit microbial growth.

As a result, our products are free of common chemical preservatives, such as paraben and phenoxyethanol which can irritate the skin, while remaining fresh and effective.

5. What if I have sensitive skin?

All DrLOUIE products are safe for people with sensitive skin to use.

However, we use highly functional active ingredients. This means that you’ll see results, but if you are allergic, then you may react to certain ingredients.

That is why we strongly recommend you do a patch test before using it on your face so that you’ll know whether you are allergic or react to certain ingredients in our products.

6. What if my skin feels dry after using All-in-One Essence?

All-in-One Essence includes a high concentration of hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and panthenol, to put moisture into the skin and and oil ingredients, such as grapeseed oil and jojoba oil, to lock the moisture in. So this two-layer essence ensures that the skin is well hydrated and moisturized without having to apply separate toner, serum, or moisturizer.

If you feel like you need more, then you can apply little more.

But if your skin still feels dry after repeating the step, we recommend using Age Defying Night Cream and/or Age Defying Day Cream. Usually, our skin gets drier and loses more moisture at night, so you can start with Age Defying Night Cream. Instead of Day Cream, you can opt for Protection Cream if you want extra protection against the sun and weather elements along with more antioxidants to protect your skin against free radical damages.

7. My T-zone is oily, and other areas are normally dry. Which All-in-One Essence should I use?

In that case, you are likely to have combination skin. We recommend using All-in-One Light (blue bottle) or All-in-One Oil-free version. Please make sure you try our sample to see which one fits you the best.

8. What is the difference between All-in-One Essence Original, Light and Oil-free?

All three of them contain similar ingredients for the same effective anti-aging and brightening benefits. However, they differ in the percentage of ingredients used to emphasize different functions. All-in-One Essence Original is for people with dry skin and focuses more on anti-aging and wrinkles. All-in-One Essence Light is for people with combination skin and focuses more on tightening pores. All-in-One Essence Oil-free is for those with semi-dry to combination skin who want a non-oily finish.

But just because it’s oil-free, it doesn’t mean it’s not as moisturizing. It’s perfect for women and men to use during summertime.

9. Why are there other products, such as “Extra Boost” products and “Protection and Moisture +” products?

Extra Boost products are optional products that you can look to if you have specific concerns. They are optional products that were created at the request of our long-time customers to add more moisturization and to address more specific concerns. They can be used with All-in-One Essence if you want to for additional benefits, but are not necessary.

If you are concerned about specific dark spots on your cheeks, then you can use Dark Spot Serum topically on those areas along with our All-in-One Essence for synergy.

Vitamin C Serum is for those who want additional dose of antioxidants to protect their skin. It is recommended that you use it with All-in-One Essence.

All-in-One Eye Cream is for delicate eye areas, which tend to be neglected. This can be used with All-in-One Essence as well.

Brightening Serum and Skin Firming Concentrate are formulated for those who ONLY want brightening benefits (Brightening Serum) or firming benefits (Skin Firming Concentrate).

Protection and Moisture + products are, as the name indicates, for giving extra protection and extra moisturization for extremely dry skin. These are, with the exception of Protection Cream, optional products.

Protection Cream offers SPF 34 and protection against UVA and UVB as well as free radical damages as it also includes EmblicaTM, a key antioxidant ingredient used in our products.

Age-Defying Day and Night Cream are for those with extremely dry skin, who need more moisturization.

10. Why is being a clean beauty brand important?

We at DrLOUIE have always believed in and placed utmost importance on the skin's natural ability to heal. Our goal is to help the skin by using skin-friendly, safe ingredients that boost the skin's natural ability in delaying the signs of aging without the use of aggressive ingredients or invasive treatments. Any ingredients that are considered effective but dangerous for the skin may work to delay signs of aging in a short period of time, but they can compromise the health of our skin in the long run.

DrLOUIE’s approach has always been to pioneer a simple solution that can actually deliver results slowly but effectively, without compromising the skin barrier and the health of the skin and make the strong healthier in the long run.

11. How to use and tips

You can use it morning and night after cleansing your face and dabbing it dry with a towel.

Shake the bottle so that the two layers in the product can be mixed together. Pour a little bit on your palm, and dab it on your face.

A little goes a long way because it is very concentrated. The amount you use depends entirely on your skin needs. You can always layer the Essence if you need more hydration and reduce the amount if you want less hydration.

And if you are using the product with Vitamin C Serum, you can always change the steps. You can use All-in-One Essence followed by Vitamin C Serum or mix those two together to further simplify the steps.

You can always use All-in-One Essence on your neck and the back of your hands as those are areas that can get dry and show signs of aging fast but often get neglected. You can also use it on dry patches on your body as well.