"I love my family and my country. That is why I want to devote my career to developing reliable products for them."

- Chief Research Officer, Dr. Louie

A Gift for the Loved One...

It all began when Dr. Louie, the developer and a formulator of 30 years, noticed his wife worrying that her skin looked dull, with visible age spots and wrinkles.  Hoping to make her feel better, he developed a unique set of formula based on decades on knowledge and experience that he accumulated in developing personal care products. And he was adamant on using the most effective natural and safe chemical ingredients only. The results were astounding: His wife's skin glowed, with the appearance of age spots and wrinkles diminished. Further clinical trials were conducted, and it was found that the formula were safe and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, with the same amazing results. This was the humble beginning of DrLOUIE Total Skin Care System.